This Event Occurred on Friday, April 24, 2020
Starting at 9 AM Eastern Time (EDT)


A key theme of the morning’s schedule is how biology cannot dictate identity. Presenters will discuss the implications of conflating DNA with socially- and intrinsically-defined identities for their representative communities. Presenters will also discuss what it means to racialize biology, particularly for Indigenous, African-descended, Latinx, LGBT+, and other people.

In the afternoon, presenters will discuss methods to decolonize the study of DNA. For instance, we can use STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education to train and empower the next generation of students from diverse communities. This will lead to our final tweet-talk on how we can use technologies to make precision health and genomics medicine more equitable and inclusive.

A potential definition for what it means to “decolonize DNA”

2020 Schedule

All times started at Eastern (EDT).

TimeSpeaker / HandleTitlePanelist(s)
9 AMKrystal Tsosie (@kstsosie)Introduction: Decolonizing DNA and Kicking As, Ts, Gs, and Cs
10 AMMaria Nieves-Colón (@mitoPR)Ancient DNA as a Tool to Revisit/Disrupt/Reconsider the Historical RecordElizabeth Nelson
11 AMJanina Jeff (@inthosegenespod)Making Genetics Accessible to African Descendants through the Lens of Black cultureCesar Fortes-Lima
NOONShay-Akil McLean (@Hood_Biologist)Looking at the Biological Consequences of Racism without Racializing Human BiologyJonathan Jackson; Nadya Ali
1 PMJeremy Yoder (@JBYoder)“Born This Way” is a Double-Edged Blade in the Era of Personal GenomicsDiego Hernandez;
Ray Allen
2 PMDarryl Leroux (@DarrylLeroux)‘We’ve Been Here for 2,000 Years”: When DNA Ancestry Testing Fuels Anti-IndigeneityTyler Tully
4 PMCarrie Diaz Eaton (@mathprofcarrie)B(UI)lding Community and Practices for a New Data Science Education in BiologyJason Williams
5 PMKeolu Fox (@KeoluFox)Using Emerging Technologies to Decolonize Precision HealthJoseph Yracheta;
Kevin Keys