2020 Schedule

All times started at Eastern (EDT).

TimeSpeaker / HandleTitlePanelist(s)
9 AMKrystal Tsosie (@kstsosie)Introduction: Decolonizing DNA and Kicking As, Ts, Gs, and Cs
10 AMMaria Nieves-Colón (@mitoPR)Ancient DNA as a Tool to Revisit/Disrupt/Reconsider the Historical RecordElizabeth Nelson
11 AMJanina Jeff (@inthosegenespod)Making Genetics Accessible to African Descendants through the Lens of Black cultureCesar Fortes-Lima
NOONShay-Akil McLean (@Hood_Biologist)Looking at the Biological Consequences of Racism without Racializing Human BiologyJonathan Jackson; Nadya Ali
1 PMJeremy Yoder (@JBYoder)“Born This Way” is a Double-Edged Blade in the Era of Personal GenomicsDiego Hernandez;
Ray Allen
2 PMDarryl Leroux (@DarrylLeroux)‘We’ve Been Here for 2,000 Years”: When DNA Ancestry Testing Fuels Anti-IndigeneityTyler Tully
4 PMCarrie Diaz Eaton (@mathprofcarrie)B(UI)lding Community and Practices for a New Data Science Education in BiologyJason Williams
5 PMKeolu Fox (@KeoluFox)Using Emerging Technologies to Decolonize Precision HealthJoseph Yracheta;
Kevin Keys