The Next Twitter Conference will be Monday, April 25, 2022


* The 2020 Decolonize DNA Day event featured academics from the United States. We would like to expand the 2022 Twitter Conference to include global participants, but this will entail finding a time zone that can work for the Eastern Hemisphere. Thus, we are considering breaking up the event into two halves.

The final schedule will be determined by interest and availability of Presenters.

Nominate Yourself as a Presenter or Panelist

Presenter line-up is by invitation. However, we encourage those who are interested in serving as a Presenter or Panelist in the next Decolonize DNA Twitter Conference to self-nominate by filling out this form! If you are interested in suggesting a Presenter, please send a Direct Message via Twitter to the @DecolonizeDNA handle.

Select one or both.
We encourage highlighting Presenters and Panelists who belong to one or multiple historically underrepresented communities. THIS IS BY NO MEANS LIMITED. Past Presenters and Panelists have identified as: African or African descendant, Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Person of Color, LGBTQIA+, Two-Spirited, and allies of these communities.
If you are interested in being a Presenter, it might be useful to provide a short description of a potential "tweet-talk". If you are interested in only being a Panelist, a short list of topic(s) or subject area(s) would suffice.