Frequently Asked Questions

We compiled information on this page that relates to the Decolonize DNA Twitter Conference. On this page, you will find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Decolonize DNA Day such as:

  • If DNA Day is on April 25, why is your event beforehand?
    • If April 25, 2020 falls on a weekend, we move the event to a weekday because most academics tweet during the workweek.
  • How did you come up with the idea to host a Twitter conference?
    • Jerome de Groot began planning the UK-based DNA Day Festival, a project of the Double Helix History Project. He reached out to Krystal Tsosie and together came up with an idea to engage the community on issues related to DNA… but with no budget. Hence, a Twitter conference!
  • Was the idea for a Twitter conference motivated by COVID-19?
    • No. The pandemic certainly mobilized academics to use social media in interesting new ways. However, we started planning the 2020 Decolonize DNA Day Twitter Conference well before the pandemic. We do hope, however, that others embrace this powerful medium to connect with the public.
  • What exactly is a Twitter conference?
    • It is a way to hold public discourse using tweets that is cost-free and carbon-free. See our guidelines to participate!
  • Any other Twitter conferences?
  • How did you choose the Presenters?
    • The Presenters represent an uncommon Venn diagram. They:
      1. are from underrepresented communities or are accepted as allies
      2. have a unique view in their work that relates to Decolonize DNA Day
      3. have an active Twitter presence

Decolonize DNA Day Logo

Powerful and impactful, Oglala Lakota artist Walt Pourier of Vision Maker Media designed this logo for our Decolonize DNA Day event. It uses the fist, a common motif in protest imagery. It also reflects the topic of DNA and genomics.