What to Expect

A Twitter conference is a new way to engage the public and academic community that does not require travel. You only need to have an active Twitter account. But, it is easy and free to join in!


  • Each Presenter will have scheduled time to talk about their topic as it relates to Decolonize DNA Day.
  • In the first 30 minutes, each Presenter will tweet slides, images, texts, links, etc.
    • Presenters will tweet from their own accounts.
  • In the remaining time, the Presenter and 1-2 Panelists will discuss the topic openly with the Public.
  • Panelists can, of course, present their own thoughts based on their academic experience. Accordingly, their purpose is also to engage the audience.
  • Members of the Public are welcome to join in the conversation!
  • Moderator will introduce each speaker and keep time from the @DecolonizeDNA account.


Please be respectful. Everyone deserves the right to share ideas and information in a manner that is non-abusive and not motivated by hate or discrimination.

We aim to promote the respectful views of those who may belong to one or multiple underrepresented communities. Hence, we will be adhering to Twitter Rules and Policies. Accordingly, anyone who contributes to creating an unsafe social media environment, including through the use of harassing language, images, and behaviors that are unsafe, abusive, promote violence, and express hate will:

The views of the Presenters and Panelists belong to them exclusively.

Use #DecolonizeDNA to join the conversation!